BTT college prep

Broadway Triple threat blonde

Tony-nominated, Drama Desk Award winning actress CATHERINE COX

and Drama Desk-nominated composer and Associate Conductor of Wicked DAVID EVANS

are pleased to introduce:


(In person or on SKYPE)

Do you need help preparing for your college theater auditions?

We know it can be daunting (we’ve been there ourselves!).

Let us:

Help you decipher and interpret each school’s requirements (it’s maddeningly confusing!)

Choose the right songs and monologues for you

Make required cuts in music and pick keys that will present you in the best light. Your music will be “audition ready”.

Rehearse your audition with you repeatedly so you can own your choices and build confidence.

Help you choose a headshot and write an appropriate resume.

Give you valuable audition tips about wardrobe, hair, demeanor, focus outside and inside the audition room, how to deal with the pianist in a clear, concise and professional manner, etc…

If you want to sign up you must commit to 5 sessions (a total of 9 hours).  These are private sessions so you have lots of scheduling flexibility. You also have the option of live coaching sessions in Manhattan or out of town sessions on SKYPE.


SESSION ONE (1 hour)

This first session is for us get to know you and your voice so we can pick out material for you. You should bring in songs and/or monologues that you know, LIKE or have an affinity for.  We will hear everything you bring in and determine what material still needs to be found for you.  Within the next week, we will send you 2 songs (sheet music and a practice tape) plus 2 contrasting monologues.

SESSION TWO (2 hours)

The first hour will be one-on-one coaching on the monologues.  In the second hour, we will focus on music: determining keys, making cuts and finalizing song choices.


First hour will be continued coaching on selected monologues, working on interpretation and performance.  In the second hour, we will focus on the songs, shaping the 16 or 32 bar cuts to have a journey and a point of view while we build confidence through repeated performances of the audition. Throughout the sessions, we will provide extensive audition tips and work on catering the audition to each of the college’s specific requirements.


New York area sessions are available in Manhattan.

Out of town sessions available on SKYPE. Please inquire at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.